Traditional Post top lighting ACORN HA124 HA124A,HA124B,HA124C

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Number: Crown HA124A,HA124B,HA124C
Type: Garden Post top lighting
Style: Traditional
Quality: High Quality
Price: Upmarket
Warranty: 3 years 
Application: Urban roads and street , Squares areas, Pedestrian areas, Residential areas,Parks,Garden 
Installing Hight: 3-5m  
Mounting : Post-top: suitable for Ø76mmx90mm tenon  
Lamps: HID (HPS MH)/ LED bulb / CFL lamps, 30W-150W
70W/150W HPS high pressure sodium, cap: E27/E26/E40/E39 
70W/150W MH metal halide, cap: E27/E26/E40/E39
30W/40w/50W Led bulb, cap: E27/E26/E40/E39
35w/45W/65W Compact fluorescent, cap: E27/E26
Material: FRP, fiber glass body 
Dome: Spun aluminium
Decorative arm , Band & Housing: Fiberglass-reinforced plastics,excellent mechanical strength and  bear the causticity 
Globe : High efficiency acrylic refractor
Refractor Bowl::High efficiency acrylic refractor or glass(only for 150 HID lamp)
ColorStandard colors is black (BK) ,other colors dark bronze (DB)(RAL7013), dark grey (GY)(RAL7016), light grey(LG)(RAL7042), dark green (DN)(RAL6005) are available
Electrical Class I, IP Rating(optical) IP65 

Ordering  information

Sample Number: HA124A-15S1R16-RTA2-PT02-3.0-BK








(Ballast Type)

(Voltage) (Freq.) (Mounting) (Pole) Finish
HA124A 70=70W M=MH 1,only  I=Impedance 1=120V 5=50Hz     BK=Black
HA124B 10-100W   ballast M=Leakage 0=208V 6=60Hz RTA   DB=Dark
HA124C 15-150W S=HPS include       magnetic 2=220V   RTA2         Bronze
  17=175W   2. all P=HX-HPF 3=230V   ...   GY=Grey
  25=250W   incude W=CWA 4=240V       DN=Dark
          7=277V             Green









Order No. Lamp Wattage Lamp Socket Install  Height m Gross / Net.W(kg) Dimension (cm) Packing size(cm) QTY 20/40GP
HA124A MAX 150W,HID E27/E40 3-5m 16/13 56X56x90 59x59x94 80/160
HA124B MAX 150W,HID E27/E40 3-5m 17/14 56X56x90 59x59x94 80/160
HA124C MAX 150W,HID E27/E40 3-5m 17/14 56X56x90 59x59x94 80/160


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